For The Travel Junkie In You: Introducing TripIt

Travel plans can be stressful. From confirmation e-mails to getting directions to the hotel, a phone can be dinging 5 to 10 times an hour.

Well, here’s a solution! Tripit automatically downloads travel plans, booking confirmation e-mails and GPS directions to one convenient app. It also suggests attractions and informs you of the weather, easily making it a go-to app for the constant traveler or weekend warrior.

Looking For A Green Lighting Alternative? Check out LittleSun’s Solar Power Lantern!

Whether you’re on a camping trip, sharing a room with a light sleeper or just looking to make your lighting just a little more eco-friendly, LittleSun’s Solar Power Lantern can work for anyone’s lifestyle.

Safer and more efficient than a flame lantern, LittleSun’s lantern only requires 4 hours of sunlight to produce 5 hours of LED lighting. It also provides 10 times more light than a traditional wick lantern.

Check out this power and earth saving lantern today!

The Best Computer Mouse On The Market: Genius Mouse

With all the tablets, laptops and half-tablet/half-laptops out there, many people forget that desktops are still a necessary technology. And these desktops require a good computer mouse. So for all the environmental nuts out there, check out the Genius Mouse!

This wireless mouse has no battery and a built-in gold capacitor that makes it reusable for 100,000 charges. And the best part? It only takes 3 minutes to charge.

So for $34.49, get the Genius Mouse to add even more green to your technology.


Yet Another Green Product From Nest To Invest In


Chicago Handyman already told you about Nest Thermostats. Well now, here’s another great Nest product: Nest Protect.

Using Wi-Fi and sensors, Nest Protect verbally warns users if there is a concern in the home an exactly where it’s coming from.

Meanwhile, in case a homeowner isn’t home, a text message is sent to their cellphone in case of emergency.

For just under $100, protect the family and home from any danger.

Don’t Let Fruit Go To Waste! Try Out This Mold-Detecting Fruit Bowl!

Everyone tries to get their daily fruit and veggies in. And nothing is more frustrating when attempting to do good for the body and come across all rotting fruit.

Well London scientist, Jagjit Chodha, may be on the way to solving this problem. Creating a bowl with a sensor to detect ethylene increases, this bowl lights up letting owners know that the fruit must be eaten soon.

While only in the prototype stage now, this bowl is definitely an item to be on the lookout for!


Need To Recharge? Check out this Hybrid Solar & Traditional Charging with Pulse


Dealing with the frustration of finding an outlet on-the-go? Tired of that “10% battery” warning? Well, Pulse portable phone charger from Live Work Play may be the solution!

Combining the technology of solar power and conventional charging mechanisms, this portable solar panel device can be charged through an outlet or being left in the sun. With an 5000mAh internal battery and dual charging capability, this device can charge multiple items with ease.

Water-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof, Pulse can go anywhere- from the office, to the beach, anywhere charge is needed it’s there.

It has a hefty $70 price tag, but it is worth it to have 24-hour access to all devices no matter where the world takes you.

Speak Every Lingo: Get The Trype Keyboard For Free


Just met some new bilingual friends? Need to send a text to an international business associate? Looking to freshen up on the high school language you’ve most likely forgotten?

Well, the Trype Keyboard makes this possible. And for a limited time, it’s free!

This user friendly app allows you to type in any message and the keyboard will simultaneously translate the text into any of its 80 languages in its database.

So get ready for any & all communications with the Trype Keyboard!


Say Cheese! This QardioBase Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

No one likes getting on the scale. But sometimes, it’s necessary. Whether for health improvement or just to simply be aware of your body, a scale can help determine where your health goals should be.

QuardioBase is an innovative smart scale that smiles or frowns based on the weight on the scale. This scale not only determines weight but body, muscle, water retention and even body mass index (BMI).

This scale is not only intelligent but is easy on the eyes and won’t take up much space in the bathroom.

It may cost $149 but it definitely worth the cost. So get ready for spring with this new smart tool!