Want Protection For All Of Your Devices? Get 1Password Today!


With all the recent news of hacking attacks and password vulnerability, it’s important now more than ever to keep all your devices safe. But who can remember a unique password for their every digital need?

1Password can!

This app from Agilebits is made for convenience and focused on productivity. To use, just enter in the passwords for as little or as many devices that you use. After that initial tapping, 1password allows you to create a master password that can then be used to access all your sites.


Available for web browsers, tablets and smart phones, 1Passwords saves you time typing and gets you back to important business… or the best cat video of the day.

Completely free to download on Mac, Windows or Android platforms, this app is definitely worth checking out. If only so you never have to press that “Forgot Your Password?” ever again.


Ditch The Switches: Get The Alba Smart LED Lighting


“Can you get the light?”

These are the words all homeowners say to visitors or partners at one point in their life. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of getting up to adjust the lighting, the home could just know? This is now possible, with Stack’s Alba LED Lighting System.

This lighting system is not only energy efficient, but has the following features:

  • Perfect lighting level decided by integrated sensors to fit a room’s natural light
  • Color temperature that adjusts from white to yellow light dependent on the situation
  • Motion sensors know where a homeowner is, when they’re gone, the lights go off and when they’re there the lights go on
  • Sets its lighting to the homeowner’s schedule, including light synced to an alarm to wake them up with gentle light and dim lighting for dinner parties

These features not only save time and hassle, but most importantly, money. Depending on the size of a home, users of the Alba system can save anywhere between $600 and $5,000 annually.

For $150.00 per bulb, the price may sound steep, but considering the benefits, these light bulbs are definitely worth trying out in any home.

A Solution For All Plug-Ins: Pop-Out Outlets

Sure, outlets are flush with the wall. But honestly, they’re not much to look at. The solution? Pop-Out Outlets!


This user-friendly device can easily be pushed into the wall, looking like a chic, silver square. When needed for hair dryers, razors or any other random bathroom supplies, simply push the square again and out pops not 2 but 3 outlets.


Not only is it user-friendly, but can be user-installed, as long as there is 22 cubic inches available for the hardware. This standard feature in the majority of new homes can now be installed in any old build.

For just over $50, change the style and function of a bathroom in just a few quick steps.