Welcome to the Future. Here your home is on your side. With smart phone connectivity, led lighting, and high tech switches – home automation has arrived enhancing your living experience while lowering your utility bills.

Ran out of the house and forgot to start the laundry? And you left the lights on, not to mention the ac and the stereo. Traffic is a mess. Just use your voice activiation feature on your smartphone or watch, and tell your home that you are going out. Not only will your smart home start the laundry, kill the lights and the AC, you can set the vacuum cleaner in motion too. With the touch of a smartphone a swipe of a tablet device, you can set your home to sense your every motion and respond to your pre loaded commands.

Below is a video from Samsung about smart homes and how they can benefit your daily flow.

You can set up your smart home to fade the lights on in the morning with the sunrise, or when you enter a room. Music can be turned on in any room with the tap of a smart phone or tablet.

Chicago Handyman is your smart home adviser. We love showing you how your technology can integrate and bring your imagination to life. A new thermostat and a few light switches can make your home more efficient and save money on utility bills.