These Vents Are Beautiful & Smart, What A Find!


Ever wish you could just pay for the heating and cooling that you actually use, not for the rooms that are never entered, like the home gym? Well look no further than Keen Home’s Smart Vent!

These vents self-adjust to each individual room’s climate, ensuring that a home’s temperature is balanced. And if you think that’s cool, these Smart Vents are customizable to your home, coming in and adding more styles all the time.

Installation, you ask? Super easy! Don’t believe the hype? Feast your eyes on the video below!

Upcycle A Thrift Store Chair Without Losing The Vintage Charm


Some chairs have beautiful bones but need some help with aesthetics. Well luckily Camp Clem has a solution for any homeowner: a simple, inexpensive upcycling project for any thrift store chair find. 

These are the required supplies to take any chair from drab to fab:

  • Sander
  • Primer
  • Tan paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge Brush
  • Aqua paint
  • Sand block

The first step is to sand down the chair lightly. Then, prime the chair completely.


Once primed, paint the chair with tan to show through for that aged look. When dry, apply a coat of aqua with a sponge brush.




For that distressed look, utilize a sand block on the surface of the entire chair. This will cause the tan and original wood color to show through. To show extra wear, locate the areas of most wear on the original chair before beginning this project.


When completed, this project will result not only in a pop of color but a dash of vintage as well!

Revitalize Any Tire Into A Rope Ottoman!


Now that winter’s over, it may be time to change a car’s tires. However, don’t simply recycle those away. Instead, revitalize one of those tires into a modern, stylish rope ottoman. In just a few simple steps from Handimania, anyone can build an eco-friendly ottoman and bring a home’s interior design to a whole new level. 


Get together these supplies:

  • Tire (New or Old)
  • 6mm MDF cut into two 55cm diameter circles
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • 6 screws
  • Twisted Cord
  • Glue Gun
  • Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Brush Sealer

Start by thoroughly cleaning the tire with a cloth. Then drill one MDF into the tire at three points on the edge of the circle, making sure to puncture through the rubber of the tire. Follow this up by tightly screwing in screws to all three holes. Repeat the previous steps on the other side of the tire.


Now comes the rope! Take the hot glue gun and adhere some glue into the center of the circle. Press the tip of the rope to the center and begin snaking the rope around the center in a circular motion.


Once the top is covered, continue roping around the edge of the tire, tightly fastening the rope to the edge. Then turn the tire over and follow this process through. Cut off the rope once the whole tire is coated completely.



Finally, seal off the ottoman with a brush and place it anywhere in a home.


The Best Dresser To Mudroom Bench Transformation Ever!


Dressers can be bulky and in this closet organization age, they’re pretty unnecessary. But don’t ditch the dresser in the alleyway wasteland! Instead, repurpose any dresser into a sleek, sophisticated mudroom bench for every household need following The Weekend Country Girl’s comprehensive guide. 

Here’s what’s needed:

  • Old Dresser
  • Plywood slabs
  • 2X4’s
  • Plywood box
  • Beadboard paneling
  • Paint
  • Cushion


100_05753Begin by taking apart the dresser. Remove all of the drawers, leaving only the two remaining bottom drawers. Attach a plywood top to create a surface for the bench. This structure will not only serve as seating, but storage for shoes and other household items.


To create the top space for hanging jackets and stashing papers, reuse the remaining solid drawer fronts. Once adhered at the top, make sure to attach breadboard paneling for aesthetics and several 2X4’s and a plywood box for support. For an even more glamorous look, add a mirror to the center and add 2X4’s around it for support.


Finally, to connect the pieces, just insert some board-and-batten bead board to the wall for a fluid illusion. Then comes the fun part: paint it, add drawer knobs and install hooks. Make them whatever is consistent with the style of the home.


When all is said and done, this project is not only really simple, but extremely environmentally and style friendly.


Give A Deck A Face Lift With Eco-Friendly Decking Tiles!


Summer is here and in Chicago that means three things: baseball, tourists and backyard shindigs. As for the last on that list, Chicago Handyman has shared some valuable deck building tips before, but for those with not enough time or energy to take on the task, there’s finally a solution: decking tiles!



These easily installed tiles take almost no time to install and cover up any weathered wood, concrete or soil. All that’s required is snapping them together and voila! This cost-saving, eco-friendly deck solution makes a backyard looks absolutely inviting. And the focus is finally back on the barbecue… not the ugly wood below guests’ feet.100498157.jpg.rendition.largest


For a list of more decking tile options, check out Better Home & Gardens wide array of choices. 

Ready for a brand-spanking-new deck? Call Chicago Handyman today for all summer decking needs!

Even More Eco-Friendly Flooring!


Previously, Chicago Handyman gave some tips on installing cork flooring, a very eco-friendly option indeed. Ready for an even cheaper, more eco-friendly flooring? Brown Paper Bags!

Sure, it sounds a little bit like a kindergarten art project, but it is actually a great floor and puts those lunch sacks to use.

To start, gather these materials:

  • Brown craft paper/brown paper bags
  • Gallon of Elmer’s Glue
  • Small bucket
  • Paint brush
  • Roller tray
  • Stain
  • Floor Grade Polyurethane
  • 3″ chip brush

While this may seem like a long list, it’s actually pretty affordable at under $100 and can be used for up to two or three rooms.


Following shopping, prepare the floors for the material. Whether this means pulling up ratty carpet or shorty wood, do so. Then sand down any high spots in the subfloor, removing nails and filling in any gaps.

Once the subfloor is prepped, begin tearing up pieces of the brown paper, separating straight edged ones from the more choppy. These pieces should be between 6″-12″ diameter and once torn, balled up and put aside until application.


With the Elmer’s Glue ready, begin to paint the first area on the floor with the glue and then put 5-6 paper balls in the glue mix. Dunk them quickly, squeeze them and set them aside until they reach the floor.

Then start laying the pieces! For a more natural look, overlap the pieces bit by bit. Make sure to watch out for tears or inconsistencies.

Finally, using an extension pole, apply the stain and poly to the new flooring. This will be the longest part of the process because both steps need ample time for drying.

When dry, this green, durable flooring will not only help the environment, but ignite dinner party conversation.


Need more details? Check out Lovely Crafty Home for a step-by-step guide.

Looking for more flooring? Call Chicago Handyman for a quote on floor installation today!

The Best Way To Reuse Old Picture Frames

Everyone knows the struggle: too many picture frames, not enough photos. After all, why print out those memories when there’s the instant gratification of Facebook and Instagram likes and comments? Well, struggle no more! Get ready to put those picture frames to use with these frame shelves.

Start by removing the glass, backing and hardware from all the frames intended for this project. Next, gather some 1×4 boards and cut them to size to make the sides of the the shelving box.



To form the box, add lines of Gorilla glue to each side and nail each side together. Then apply wood glue to the back of the frame and lay it on top of the box. Nail 1 1/4″ nails through the frame and into the box to secure the shelf together.




Before painting the shelf to match the frame, fill any holes with wood filler. Use spray paint to apply the shelving’s coat of paint.

When dry, adhere at least 3 command strips to the back of each shelve.


Lastly, hang them on the desired wall. Enjoy these stylish and eco-friendly shelves in any home today!

For a more comprehensive overview of the frame shelve project, check out Shanty 2 Chic.

Reuse Flooring & Create A Floating Headboard


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle does not have to be boring. It can even be stylish. Following these simple steps from Remove & Replace, anyone can make an awesome, innovative floating headboard. All that’s needed are supplies from a previous project and a couple hours of work:

To begin, get these materials:

  •  Leftover walnut flooring
  • 1/2″ MDF backing
  • Oak wood trim
  • 24″ stud mounted French cleats
  • 15′ of string LED lighting
  • Wiring to a dimmer switch

Start by mounting the slab of walnut flooring to the MDF backing. Then nail stud mounted cleats in the center of the area where the headboard will go. Follow this with nailing the oak wood trim to the border of where the slab will go.



Using attach brackets, add the LED lighting to the trim. Once the LED lighting is plugged in and the wiring is attached for the dimmer. Finally, mount the walnut flooring on MDF backing on the trim.


When this is completed, this floating headboard will not only make the room look more modern, but add another light source to a bedroom.


Handyman At Home: Top 5 Ways To Go Green At Home


Going green is not only great for the future of the earth, but also homeowners’ wallets! There are many simple, easy purchases and home renovations to make any home, from an apartment to a mansion, a greener place to be.

Here are the top 5 ways to go green at home:

1. Composting

Three stage compost bin in backyard

Don’t throw away food, revitalize it! Composting is a great way to turn left-overs and yard weeds into reusable energy- fertilizer.

2. Recycled Roof Tiles


Need a new roof? Don’t fall for the new roof tiles on the market. Use reclaimed clay, stone or slate tiles to create a greener roof.

3. Energy Efficient Appliances


If shopping for a new dishwasher or laundry machine, look for the energy efficient models. This investment may cost more initially but saving on energy bills later will surely be worth it.

4. Natural Flooring


There are a lot natural materials that can serve as a great alternative to hardwood flooring. Check out our previous article about installing cork flooring for ideas!

5. Recycling System


The easiest way to go green in the home? Start recycling! With just a few bins, it’ll be much easier to create a green contribution.

Need more green at home ideas, check out DIY Network’s full list of green home solutions