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Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration and Ideas

Bathroom remodeling is a complex task that takes just as much vision as it does remodeling knowledge. Bathroom remodeling is a task that takes skill as well as creativity. At Chicago Handyman, we pride ourselves on having both creativity and the skill necessary to get your project done. We have combined some of our favorite […]

Bathroom Tile Installation

It was a sunny afternoon in October. I get a call for a standard bathroom tile caulk job around the tub. I get on site and can see it is going to need more than just caulk. I propose replacing the tile around the bottom of the tub. The owner agrees and I get right […]

Half Bathroom Face Lift

Any room can be updated to have a modern, clean look. It is amazing what just a coat of paint will do. If you have a little more to invest, you can change the entire feel of your bathroom. Take this Half Bathroom remodel by reddit user svolinsky. With Just $600 in Materials, this bathroom is […]

How To Choose The Right Handyman Near You

Choosing the right handyman or home maintenance company for you can be a science in and of itself. With tons of options to choose from in every city, you may find yourself Googling “handyman near me” and being overwhelmed by all of the options. We have broken down some tips for finding a quality handyman […]

Water Damage Repair

Call Chicago Handyman for water damage repair near you. If you are dealing with water damage, it’s important to have water damage repair done immediately. If you’re noticing dark spots around cabinets or countertops, cracking bubbling and flaking, or other water damage signs, it’s important to have it taken care of ASAP. Call Chicago Handyman […]