Welcome to Chicago HandyMan

Hey everyone I'm Dan Shirley, The Chicago Handyman. I have a small team of home service technicians that are courteous and efficient. I have over 10 Years of experience building and fixing just about anything around the home or office. Whether it is fixing furniture, repairing a leaky faucet, or entire kitchen or bathroom remodels, Chicago Handyman is at your service.

I have been building since the age of ten – Circuit boards, birdhouses, furniture, I couldn't get enough of the feeling of repairing something that is broken or creating something from scratch. I have spent time building homes, servicing HVAC, renovating commercial property, building furniture and repairing custom wood work.

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When your home is in need of repair, your productivity and quality of life can be hindered. For many the idea of a repair can seem easy, but the tools to make the repair happen can be out of reach. Me and my small team of handyman technicians come with a full array of tools on our truck. We can complete most repairs the same day.

Chicago Handyman is Available for Emergency Repairs. From Gurnee to Gary and the Gold Coast to Glen Ellynn, We are on call to meet your needs.