Powder room make over

In the historic town of Evanston, we transformed an historic Victorian small half bath into a stylish, functional space. Jason, the owner, had a vision. Our skilled team from the Chicago Handyman’s bathroom remodel crew was ready to bring it to life.

He wanted to relocate the toilet for a better look and feel. After moving the plumbing and repairing the floor, A unique herringbone pattern for the floor tiles was next on his plan. Our diligent craftsmen ensured every piece was meticulously cut and fitted, aligning with his expectations.

To save space and add a contemporary touch, he chose wall-mounted faucets and a compact sink. The color palette included green beadboard wainscoting and a bold, jungle-themed wallpaper. Open communication throughout the project ensured we met his expectations at every step. We also kept the workspace clean and organized, showing our respect for his home.

The final touch to this transformation were the elegant gold faucet fixtures. Installed with precision, they added a luxurious feel to this small bath remodel.

In collaboration with Jason, our remodel team transformed his vision into a stylish and practical new bathroom. It’s a perfect example of how we turn ideas into stunning realities at Chicago Handyman.

Small bathroom remodel for Chicago and suburbs

In Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, our approach to small bathroom remodels is a blend of thoughtful design and practical functionality. We start by understanding your unique needs and the space’s potential. From there, we strategize optimal layouts, maximizing room and comfort.

Utilizing design elements such as wall-mounted faucets and compact sinks, we enhance space without compromising style. Colors and textures, like serene wainscoting and bold wallpapers, breathe personality into the space, while standout fixtures add a touch of luxury. Every remodel is tailored to transform small bathrooms into stylish, functional havens.