At Chicago Handyman, we specialize in handling a diverse range of door repair needs for your home. Our trained professionals provide prompt, reliable, and expert door repair services for any issue, from minor fixes to major overhauls.

Types of Door Repair

  • Warping: A common problem, particularly with wooden doors. Over time, exposure to humidity and temperature changes can cause your door to warp, causing problems with fitting and closing. We can restore your door back to its original shape, providing a smooth operation.
  • Sticking: A door that sticks or is hard to open can be a nuisance. This could be due to various factors such as dampness, improper installation, or the house settling over time. Our experts at Chicago Handyman can identify and rectify the issue.
  • Damage and Breaks: Accidents happen, and doors can get chipped, cracked, or even have holes. Whether it’s from an errant football, moving large furniture, or normal wear and tear, our team can skillfully repair the damage, making your door look as good as new.
  • Squeaky Hinges: No one likes a door that announces its opening with a creak. Usually, this is due to rusty or loose hinges. Our team can repair or replace these hinges, restoring peace and quiet to your home.
  • Lock and Handle Issues: Over time, locks and handles can become stiff or completely stop working. Our team can repair or replace these parts, ensuring your door is secure and easy to use.

Patio Door Repair

A dysfunctional patio door should not obstruct your enjoyment of the beautiful Chicago summer. Whether you’re dealing with a sliding door that’s hard to operate or a screen door with damage, our team at Chicago Handyman has the expertise to restore your door back to its optimal condition.

Pocket Door Repair

Pocket doors add a unique charm to any home. But when they come off their tracks or get stuck, they can be tricky to fix. Our professionals at Chicago Handyman have years of experience dealing with pocket door repair, helping you maintain both the charm and functionality of your home.

Emergency Door Repair

When an emergency strikes that requires immediate door repair, the team at Chicago Handyman is ready to help. Be it a break-in, an accident, or weather damage, we’re here to secure your premises swiftly and efficiently, 24/7.

Doors are essential to your home’s security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. When they need repair, trust the experts at Chicago Handyman. Contact us today for a free consultation and rediscover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is in safe hands.

At Chicago Handyman, we believe that every door deserves expert care. Trust your doors to us.