No More Messy Cords Or Batteries, Light The Room With Water!


Ever have the stress of not enough outlets? Wish that a battery powered lamp lasted for much longer? Sick of replacing bulbs, batteries and wires? Well, WAT’s LED Cordless Lamp Powered By Water is here to solve just those problems. 

The technology of a hydroelectric battery and some simple tap water makes this lighting revolutionary and no doubt will become a staple in many homes.

Attractive, innovative and resourceful, WAT’s LED Cordless Lamp is definitely worth a second look.

Pets Wrecking The House? Keep Track Of Fido With Petcube!

With all the home improvement projects boasted about over at Idea Corner, there’s something that hasn’t been factored in… PETS! These lovable goofballs can often being the culprit of ruining some of the best home improvements around.

Introducing, The Petcube!

Connected to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, this pet cam keeps track of your dogs movements when you’re on the go. Not only that, but with a built in microphone you can say “Hey boy! Get down!” miles away from your home. Even play with your dogs (or cats) while at work by using the built in laser pointer.

Don’t worry about the paint drying getting ruined with paws or new furniture being chewed up, instead get your hands on a Petcube.

Don’t Let Fruit Go To Waste! Try Out This Mold-Detecting Fruit Bowl!

Everyone tries to get their daily fruit and veggies in. And nothing is more frustrating when attempting to do good for the body and come across all rotting fruit.

Well London scientist, Jagjit Chodha, may be on the way to solving this problem. Creating a bowl with a sensor to detect ethylene increases, this bowl lights up letting owners know that the fruit must be eaten soon.

While only in the prototype stage now, this bowl is definitely an item to be on the lookout for!