Never Let Another Houseplant Die With Parrot’s Flower Power H2O


Don’t want to pay for a house sitter just so your plants won’t go dry?  Don’t want your creepy neighbor in your house? Well, Parrot’s Flower Power H2O makes this possible without sacrificing any greenery.

The Flower Power is an easy device to keep every plant healthy. Just stick the device in the soil and it will sense how much or little water the plant needs. Then it delivers the exact amount. Sound simple? That’s because it is.

So say goodbye to watering and hello to Flower Power.

These Vents Are Beautiful & Smart, What A Find!


Ever wish you could just pay for the heating and cooling that you actually use, not for the rooms that are never entered, like the home gym? Well look no further than Keen Home’s Smart Vent!

These vents self-adjust to each individual room’s climate, ensuring that a home’s temperature is balanced. And if you think that’s cool, these Smart Vents are customizable to your home, coming in and adding more styles all the time.

Installation, you ask? Super easy! Don’t believe the hype? Feast your eyes on the video below!

The Best Way To Bring The Perfect Temperature To Your Summer


Home should be a refuge from the heat. But sometimes, our homes don’t seem to get that message.

Ecovent is looking to make your temperature dreams come true.

A smart thermostat system, Ecovent uses smart sensors and hidden plugs in each room to monitor the climate and set your thermostat accordingly.

So just tap at your smartphone and beat the heat of even the sun’s most humid rays.

Control The World With A Swipe Of A Finger With Ring ZERO

Ever wish your finger had the magic power to control the world around you? Well thanks to the minds at Logbar, technology is closer than ever with Ring ZERO.


Ring ZERO, a cloud-based device, uses gestural technology to perform over 20 everyday actions. From Powerpoint to light fixtures, on and off, back and forth, anything is possible with this ring wrapped around your finger.

So breathe the mystical into your life and check out the power of Ring Zero!

Capture Every Moment With The Panono Panoramic Ball Camera


Gone are the days of a simple point-and-shoot camera. Photographers and photo enthusiasts alike are looking for the next big thing in photography… and the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera might just be it.

This camera sphere has 36 3-megapixel image sensors. When thrown in the air, it takes a photo that not only has 108 megapixels but a spherical image you can explore at home on the web.

So throw out the standard camera and throw up the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera for the best pictures possible.