How to Gain Access to a Locked Interior Door

Many times with interior bedroom and bathroom doors, a bit of absent mindedness can leave the door locked from thew inside. Before kicking that door in, listed below are a few ways to gain access to a locked interior door.

  1. Use a bobby pin or a paper clip to unlock the door. Interior door handles are equipped with a simple locking mechanism. A unique key is not necessary as with exterior doors. A long slender stick of any kind will release the lock and allow you to open the door.paper clip open door
  2. Use a credit card. As seen on TV and Movies, you can use a credit card to gain access. Slide a card in between the door and the jamb above or below the latch. Move the card toward the latch at a 30 degree angle while pushing the door back and forth. This technique can also be attempted with a butter locked door credit card
  3. A hammer. As rudimentary as it may seem, a hammer to the door handle can be an effective way of gaining entry, This technique takes a bit more muscle and a trip to the hardware store for a new handle ($10). Bash that sucker down until the screw mechanism breaks on the inside. The door should swing right open.break door handle chicago


If Beating it to smithereens isnt your style, you can check out this video of a quite hip hop-tacular gentleman using a hammer to remove a door knob in just such a predicament. The video is informative and comes with a particularly  mellow soundtrack. This kid is gangster.


So now you know how to gain access to a locked interior door. While locking your self out of a door can be a pain in the neck, these easy solutions should provide a way for you to gain access without breaking it open costing hundreds of dollars in repairs. If you don't feel comfortable with any of these techniques of course you can give us a call at Chicago Handyman. We will respond in a jiffy with courteous technicians that will hold your hand when you get scared and encourage you when you are feeling down. Call us today!