Upcycle Any Thrift Store Find For Home Decor

Thrift store shopping isn’t just for vintage outfits anymore. With a few bucks and some creative know-how, simple thrift store purchases can completely revitalize a room. Here are some highlights from Buzzfeed’s article about upcycling common thrift store finds:

1. Make A Suitcase Nightstand


This one is the easiest thrift store home decor of all! Buy anywhere from 3 to 5 suitcases and stack them from largest to smallest next to a bed and turn a nightstand into a statement piece.

2. Line Drawers With Fabric


For stylish storage, apply thrift store tablecloth or curtain fabric for a pop of color and extra protection for all clothing.

3. Wrap Vases With Rope


Want a more nautical or rustic look? Use adhesive and wrap rope around thrift store vases to achieve those styles.