Enhancing Your Bedroom For Just $50!

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Finished product by immaverb

Not everyone can afford to create a luxurious, top-of-the-line bedroom oasis. However, for those of us renovating on a budget, there’s a simple way to add some indulgence to your master or guest bedrooms. With just a few simple steps, you can make your own extravagant headboard and add some hotel flair at a motel cost.

And all you need is $50! These are the items you’ll need: a particle board fitting the width of your mattress frame, five 2-by-6 boards, spray adhesive, painter’s tape, a durable fabric of your choosing and to add some glamour, like this Reddit user, immaverb, purchase some strip beading to define a border for your headboard.

This task is also amendable for any skillset. From a contributor to Better Homes & Gardens to someone who just mastered how to hit a nail with a hammer, anyone can create their own lavish headboard.

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Constructing the frame by immaverb

Once you’ve measured your particle board to size, adhere the five 2-by-6 boards to function as the supports frames and legs. Apply spray adhesive to the front of the head board, add a layer of foam and keep adding until you reach the consistency you desire. Don’t forget to wrap it around the frame or you could end up with a pretty sloppy design. Once all the foam has been added, go ahead and staple it to the frame for extra support. Add the fabric and staple it to the back of the board’s frame, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric. And presto, you got yourself a headboard!

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Prepping for beading by immaverb

Don’t think I forgot about you classier DIY-ers: To add the strip beading, all you need to do is secure painters tape around the edges of the headboard to ensure a straight line and add the beading as directed.

And installation? That’s the easiest part! Place it behind your bed frame and let the weight of the bed do the rest.

Take a step back and admire your work. In less than a day’s time, you’ve added sophisticated to the adjectives that could be used to describe your bedroom.

And if you’re still looking to add more glitz to your bedroom after this project, check out Chicago Handyman’s deals on home improvement.

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Beading by immaverb

Click here for a step-by-step photo gallery for this project.

How to Gain Access to a Locked Interior Door

Many times with interior bedroom and bathroom doors, a bit of absent mindedness can leave the door locked from thew inside. Before kicking that door in, listed below are a few ways to gain access to a locked interior door.

  1. Use a bobby pin or a paper clip to unlock the door. Interior door handles are equipped with a simple locking mechanism. A unique key is not necessary as with exterior doors. A long slender stick of any kind will release the lock and allow you to open the door.paper clip open door
  2. Use a credit card. As seen on TV and Movies, you can use a credit card to gain access. Slide a card in between the door and the jamb above or below the latch. Move the card toward the latch at a 30 degree angle while pushing the door back and forth. This technique can also be attempted with a butter knife.open locked door credit card
  3. A hammer. As rudimentary as it may seem, a hammer to the door handle can be an effective way of gaining entry, This technique takes a bit more muscle and a trip to the hardware store for a new handle ($10). Bash that sucker down until the screw mechanism breaks on the inside. The door should swing right open.break door handle chicago


If Beating it to smithereens isnt your style, you can check out this video of a quite hip hop-tacular gentleman using a hammer to remove a door knob in just such a predicament. The video is informative and comes with a particularly  mellow soundtrack. This kid is gangster.


So now you know how to gain access to a locked interior door. While locking your self out of a door can be a pain in the neck, these easy solutions should provide a way for you to gain access without breaking it open costing hundreds of dollars in repairs. If you don't feel comfortable with any of these techniques of course you can give us a call at Chicago Handyman. We will respond in a jiffy with courteous technicians that will hold your hand when you get scared and encourage you when you are feeling down. Call us today!

Half Bathroom Face Lift

Any room can be updated to have a modern, clean look. It is amazing what just a coat of paint will do. If you have a little more to invest, you can change the entire feel of your bathroom.

Take this Half Bathroom remodel by reddit user svolinsky. With Just $600 in Materials, this bathroom is transformed into a beautiful modern bathroom.

half bathroom face lift

This Half Bathroom Face lift creates a cozy room that is clean and stylish.

half bathroom remodel

Here is the half bathroom before the facelift. the look and feel are a bit dated.

The flooring has been replaced with tile. The vanity has been replaced with a unit from Lowes that came with the granite counter top. The walls got a fresh coat of paint and the lighting fixture and mirror got a fresh start too.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. You can follow the time line for this half bathroom face lift here.

A little goes a long way, a lot goes even further. Get in touch with Chicago Handyman for great rates on Bathroom remodeling.

The Best Smart Watch You Can Buy

pebble smart watchThe folks over at the verge have created a great review of smart watches currently on the market. Smart watches are one of the latest gadgets that are gaining momentum, and with good reason.

So what makes a smart watch so great? Smart watches provide notifications from your phone, so you dont have to pull your device out. Of course they tell the time, again letting you keep your device in your pocket. And of course they look sleek and futuristic. Many watches have voice activated functions, and some can run apps.

So what is the best smart watch money can buy? The Pebble Steel is the winner for the folks at the verge, and Chicago Handyman likes it too. I mean it looks cool on the internet. If we get one, We will let you know.

Top 5 Smart Home Upgrades

When it comes to smart homes the choices can seem overwhelming. This is a great list of the 5 easiest smart home upgrades you can make.

  1. Smart Lock – open your locks with your smart phone, a wink, even a thought. just think about what you want to happen and the mind link function picks up your vibe.
  2. Thermostat. Nest, Ecobee, others im sure, Check them all out and see which one suits you. they will all translate into instant utility bill savings
  3. Smoke Detectors – burning toast does not an emergency make. your voice activated Smoke detector will keep the kids in bed while you burn your midnight snack.
  4. Outlets – turn any light or plugin device into a smart phone controlled technology of the future.
  5. Lights – bulbs you can control with your smart phone. Congratulations you are now a lighting technician. Ready to go on tour?

Check out this video for the full rundown from C|Net. Hit us up with any questions on how to implement smart technology in your home.


How To Paint A Straight Edge From Wall To Ceiling

Not getting paint all over the ceiling or the trim is one of the hardest parts of painting a room. Pro handyman Dominick Amorosso shows you three ways to do it in this video.

  1. With an angled edging brush – This is the hardest method but can be developed with patience, practice and a steady hand.
  2. By taping the ceiling – This works pretty well but taping a straight line on the ceiling can be challenging and it’s a lot of extra work to tape up an entire room.
  3. With a square sponge edger such as a Shur Line edger – The easiest way for most people to do it.

The key when using the edger is to keep it clean, make sure your paint is only on the sponge and not on the rollers that are rolling against the ceiling. I like to lay it on a little thick and smooth it all out with the sponge but watch out for dripping paint. You can also screw the edger onto an extension handle if you don’t want to climb up a ladder as much.

Happy painting, if you need any help in the Chicago area contact us!