The Best Eco-Friendly Flooring: Cork

Hardwood floors are a staple in most home renovations nowadays. But this flooring can often be harmful to nature. However, there is an attractive, easily installed alternative that not only does not hurt the tree but adds interest to an otherwise traditional home. This material is cork flooring.

Though not ideal for bathrooms, this flooring can function in every other room of the home. And it can be easily installed over tile, concrete or most other original flooring in the home.


Begin installing cork flooring by placing a cork plank on top of the threshold and cut away trim from the doorstops on either side of the door above the threshold. Remove any cabinet toe kicks and edges of  wall casings.


Then lay cork planks along the longest uninterrupted wall, leaving 1-inch for expansion. Start laying the planks and gently press down until the tongue and groove of the planks click together. Do this until the first course is laid. Place 1/2″ spacers on the floor and start to slide them in. Following filling the space, begin to mallet the planks into place.


Finally reinstall any trim, toe-kicks or doorstops that were initially removed in the cork flooring process.


No finishing required and a whole new room for even more eco-friendly home solutions!

For a complete walk-through, check out This Old House.

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