Top 3 Ways To Summer-ify Curb Appeal

Summer is finally here! And with that, many more people will be outside, looking at exterior of homes. To ensure a house is ready for gawking, check out DIY Ready’s tips on how to improve curb appeal on a budget:

1. Make A Concrete Walkway Shine



Bring a driveway or concrete walkway back to life by acid washing the surface and watch the summer sun bounce off this improvement.

2. Camouflage Bulky Outdoor Appliances


Hide the clunky electric boxes and pipes by simply painting the appliances the same color as a home’s siding and feel free to let guests walk around the perimeter of the home.

3. Splash Some Color On A Front Door


What an easy fix! Slap a primary color on a front door for an easy solution for dull winter curb appeal.

Now have at it & make summer beautiful!

Make Long Phone Calls Easier To Sit Through With Pop Desk Phone

No one misses landlines. Being house bound, call waiting and crackly feedback were just a few of the numerous annoyances. However, when on catching up with a family member or client, wouldn’t it be great to bring back some nostalgia of wrapping that cord around your finger and easily keeping the phone to your ear?

Well, check out Pop Desk Phone!

This retro detachable handset and stand is as functional as it is cute. Easily make mobile or Skype calls while simultaneously charging your phone on the anti-slip rubber pad. Meanwhile, enjoy the comfort of the handset.

So bring the 90’s back in style with Pop Desk Phone.


Upcycle Any Thrift Store Find For Home Decor

Thrift store shopping isn’t just for vintage outfits anymore. With a few bucks and some creative know-how, simple thrift store purchases can completely revitalize a room. Here are some highlights from Buzzfeed’s article about upcycling common thrift store finds:

1. Make A Suitcase Nightstand


This one is the easiest thrift store home decor of all! Buy anywhere from 3 to 5 suitcases and stack them from largest to smallest next to a bed and turn a nightstand into a statement piece.

2. Line Drawers With Fabric


For stylish storage, apply thrift store tablecloth or curtain fabric for a pop of color and extra protection for all clothing.

3. Wrap Vases With Rope


Want a more nautical or rustic look? Use adhesive and wrap rope around thrift store vases to achieve those styles.

The Coolest (And Weirdest) Wearable Tech Yet: Belty’s Smart Belt

Portion sizes at home and in restaurants seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Often our eyes are much more ravenous than our stomachs, leaving us with that embarrassing moment of loosening your belt at a cocktail party or first date.

Well, the tech gurus at Belty are looking to solve this problem with their new smart belt.

…no you didn’t misread that, it’s a smart BELT.


Instead of reaching to adjust it yourself, this belt automatically adjusts itself after you’ve had one more piece of cake than you should have. Not only does it provide convenience, but it also keeps track of your overall health and sends that information to your smart phone.

So worry no more, when Belty’s smart belt becomes available, Thanksgiving dinner may become a little less awkward.

Give A Deck A Face Lift With Eco-Friendly Decking Tiles!


Summer is here and in Chicago that means three things: baseball, tourists and backyard shindigs. As for the last on that list, Chicago Handyman has shared some valuable deck building tips before, but for those with not enough time or energy to take on the task, there’s finally a solution: decking tiles!



These easily installed tiles take almost no time to install and cover up any weathered wood, concrete or soil. All that’s required is snapping them together and voila! This cost-saving, eco-friendly deck solution makes a backyard looks absolutely inviting. And the focus is finally back on the barbecue… not the ugly wood below guests’ feet.100498157.jpg.rendition.largest


For a list of more decking tile options, check out Better Home & Gardens wide array of choices. 

Ready for a brand-spanking-new deck? Call Chicago Handyman today for all summer decking needs!

Make Real Life Math Easier With Converter Plus

We’ve all been there: trying to figure out the tip between a dinner party of 10 guests, pondering the number of seconds left in a tedious meeting or lecture, wanting to sound smart when people are talking about the weather in Celsius. Most of the time, you get fed up trying and pass the buck to someone else. Well, Converter Plus is out to solve that problem.


Free in the app store, Converter Plus seeks to provide quick solutions to real life math problems . From currency to percentages, this app has got every equational conundrum covered. So save yourself the frustration and just download Converter Plus already!


The Top 4 Design Trends Of 2015

Ready to attack a project? Well, before swinging a hammer or pulling off wallpaper, check out A Beautiful Space’s top 4 design trends of 2015 guaranteed to amp up the style of every space:

1. Bring On The Blue!


Deep, rich blues are in vogue and for good reason! Dark navy and indigo are both bold and beautiful, ensuring an expressive but classic look. Add a splash or coat the room in the glorious shade- it’ll look wonderful either way!

2. Metallics Are A Must Have


No, this isn’t another call for stainless steel or chrome. Instead, carve a different style path with brass or copper finishes. Switch up the hues of metallics throughout the home and don’t get locked in the stainless box.

3. Take On Texture


Whether it’s texturized wallpaper or sponge applied wall contours, texture from walls to ceiling are definitely taking center stage in home design. Take advantage of this texture revolution!

4. Bring The Vacation Home


Finally, a trend that requires traveling the world for inspiration! Whether the theme’s Morocco or Tanzania, earthy tones will definitely propel the home into the glamour that is 2015 home design.