Take A Living Room From Bland To Beautiful

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In process painting by  jjppoo

The living room is usually the room people spend most of their time in. Unfortunately, it can also be a room overlooked in home renovation. This quick, one day project can revive a basic living space. With a couple coats of paint and a living room backsplash, Reddit user, jjppoo, took their space from a white-walled TV room to an interesting space to spend time with family and guests alike.

So how does someone brighten up the dull living room? First, purchase the supplies, mainly paint and 3′ wooden scrap boards. When selecting a paint color, go with a bright color such as yellow, orange or red. And to get a more rustic look for the living room backsplash, don’t forget to pick up a variety of Minwax stains to vary the hues of the wooden boards. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Remember, being shy with color is what made the room a snooze in the first place!

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Wood board sanding and staining by  jjppoo


Before getting started on the wooden backsplash, paint the chosen wall with the selected color. Don’t forget to use painter’s tape to protect the ceiling, the adjacent walls and any trim the living room may have.

While the paint dries on the feature wall, get started on the wooden backsplash. Sand and stain all of the wood boards to the desired color. Then mix the boards up so there is a variation of hues in the backsplash.

Once the paint dries and the TV wall mount is hung, begin to screw the wood boards into the wall. Based on the space available on the wall, attach as many boards in height and width as desired. But make sure not to overwhelm the space with the backsplash.

Once the furniture is moved back into the room, the living room will be brought from a shaky 5 to an absolute 10.

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Final product by  jjppoo

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