3 tips on Painting A Straight

If you are painting, things can get messy. Therefore, we have created a brief list of items to help you with your paining project. We also included a video below.

Painting a straight edge

Not getting paint all over the ceiling or the trim is one of the hardest parts of painting a room. None the less, Pro handyman Dominick Amorosso shows you three ways to do it in this video.

  1. With an angled edging brush – This is the hardest method but can be developed with patience, practice and a steady hand.
  2. By taping the ceiling – This works pretty well but taping a straight line on the ceiling can be challenging and it’s a lot of extra work to tape up an entire room.
  3. With a square sponge edger such as a Shur Line edger – The easiest way for most people to do it.

The key when using the edger is to keep it clean, make sure your paint is only on the sponge and not on the rollers that are rolling against the ceiling. As such, I like to lay it on a little thick and smooth it all out with the sponge but watch out for dripping paint. However, You can also screw the edger onto an extension handle if you don’t want to climb up a ladder as much.

Happy painting, if you need any help in the Chicago area contact us!