Add Green Style To A BackYard With A Window Frame Greenhouse


A greenhouse can be a great addition to any blank canvas of a backyard. But there’s no need to spend a bunch of money on products. After all, the best way to be the most eco-friendly is to re-use and recycle materials. This window frame greenhouse does this in spades.

Here’s the materials required:

  • Old window frames
  • Lumber
  • Screws
  • Caulk
  • Latches

Once enough window frames have been gathered, create a frame for them to fit in. Use 2X4’s for the studs and 4X4’s for corner posts. There has to be at least 14″ of the stud to be placed in the ground for support.Place the walls up and brace them with lumber. Bury cinder blocks and then pour a concrete foundation over it to keep it stable. Then use screws to fix the windows to the frame.


Cover this foundation with rocks and stones for drainage. For the roof, use siding for coverage, leaving at least 20-30 percent of open space for ventilation. Add some fans and shelves for easy access and displays.




Finally, it’s time to caulk and paint the outside of the frames. This will create consistency in the look.


Once the paint dries, begin to hone plants and flowers. And revel in the fact that this space is all handmade.

For step-by-step tips, check out TreeHugger  for a full overview and other DIY greenhouse ideas.