Bathroom Tile Installation

It was a sunny afternoon in October. I get a call for a standard bathroom tile caulk job around the tub. I get on site and can see it is going to need more than just caulk. I propose replacing the tile around the bottom of the tub. The owner agrees and I get right to it.

Chicago bathroom tile remodel

Chicago Bathroom with plaster walls. There was no seal between the walls and tub causing water to destroy the wall.

With the first flick of the scraper tool, the tiles start crumbling off the wall. Before I know it, I am looking right through the wall. I put my hand against the wall behind where the tile was, when I pulled away, my hand was dripping water. I explain to the owner that the walls need to be reinforced, and completely rebuilt with a waterproof membrane.

The Deeper I get the worse the condition is revealed. This doesn’t deter me. I rip open the wall and tear back to a point where I feel comfortable that I can get a good seal around the tile, and create a solid wall.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, because believe me, its a snooze fest. But suffice it to say, I left the bathroom in better condition than I found it and that is more than I can say for most bathrooms I visit just after thanksgiving.

Below you will find a photo of the finished bathroom tile installation. Chicago has a large spectrum of building and construction styles that have rolled through over the years. Its always fun to use an old structure, to make something modern clean, and structurally sound.

Well that’s all the big words I can think of today, I’ll catch up with you next time. Be sure to give me a call for an estimate on your Chicago tile installation. Cheers!

Here is the completed tile installation in the Chicago 3 flat. The White tile makes for a cleaner look, and brightens up the room a ton.