Cabinet repair from water damage

Cabinet repair caused by water damage is common as sinks and drains are the main source of water from inside a house. We were called to a condo building by the association to to do some drywall repair and cabinet repair. The situation was water damage. The issue was a burst waste line in the wall. The location was behind the kitchen sink of the ground level floor. The cabinet above the sink was removed as to make way to find the break in a multi unit drain line and add an access panel and valve behind the sink cabinet wall for future access and cleaning. what we found was needed is cabinet repair from water damage

cabinet repair water damage

Water Damage

A big project gets bigger.

We came in to patch the wall with some drywall repair and Mount cabinet above, which was the easy part.

When we begin to investigate we found the project was much bigger. water damage to the cabinet and wall behind the cabinet showed signs of mold. This condo association has used us for several handyman projects, so when we told them what was needed they approved the cabinet repair from water damage work immediately

Drywall Repair

We cut away all moldy and damaged drywall and secured new sheets with hot mud and then a mold resistant primer. The damage to the base of the cabinets was severe and warped as well as the back and drywall behind. Initially the solution was to cut out the base and back of the cabinet, replace the drywall behind the cabinet. Then to replace the drywall and build a new base and back for the cabinet..

Cabinet repair

chicago handyman drywall repair

We went with a Slightly thicker 3/4″ cabinet finish plywood. Since the floor was warped we built a base frame out of 2×4 and 2×6 sanding out notches for it to sit level over the small area of damaged wood. The drywall was all removed, cleaned, and aired out before new sheets were added and then mudded up and primed with a mold killing primer just to be safe. Previously holes were left which rank air could be felt and smelt blowing in, which were cleaned and properly sealed of with great stuff expanding foam and drywall mud. It was very tricky getting everything to level out and line up and patient was the key to the base frame. After that it was smooth sailing cutting out our premeasured dimensions to replicate the previous 2. One at 2 feet at 3 feet width.

We were delicately able to not break the granite countertop pulling back and filling the seam with black epoxy kit for granite. And a silicone adhesive to affix it and the previous backsplash. The sink was being held by 2x4s before so we added undermount sink clips and reattached the previous plumbing and dishwasher. Overall a solid repair to mitigate the damage done without having to fully replace all cabinets. when its time for kitchen cabinet repair from water damage , let us know.

chicago handyman cabinet repair