Concrete Countertops: Get The Popular Look On A Budget


Concrete countertops are all the rage in home renovation. Not only is the style industrial, but easier to clean than the more expensive granite or marble. Despite being seemingly cheaper, concrete countertops can run pretty steep. So instead of getting a slab professionally installed or taking the copious amount of time to create concrete forms, get the same aesthetic by applying concrete over pre-existing countertops.


Here are the needed supplies:

  • 10-pound bag of Ardex Feather Finish
  • Course-grit sandpaper
  • Drywall knife
  • Putty knife
  • Finish sealer
  • Paint brush


To start the process, sand down the previous counters with the course-grit sandpaper to create a perfect surface for the concrete to settle on. Following this, mix the Ardex Feather Finish and water until it reaches a semi-thick consistency.


Once the mixture is prepared, apply multiple thin layers to the countertop’s surface. For 100 percent coverage, 3 or 4 layers will most likely be required. To ensure a durable surface, sand thoroughly between each application.


When these layers are dry, use the putty knife to clean up any mixture that splattered onto walls and create natural texture in the surface. Depending on the desired look, feel free to sand the surface until trowel marks show through or until a smooth concrete look is achieved.


Finally, pour the sealer over the concrete making sure it soaks through thoroughly before using a paint brush to remove any residue.


So for just $15 and a few hours, concrete countertops aren’t only affordable but achievable without any back breaking hard work.


Get the detailed tutorial from The Little Green Notebook.

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