Need To Change Up A Space? Try a $40 Interior Sliding Door!


Whether it’s a loft, cramped rental or a home that’s in need of a unique look, an interior sliding door can add interest and value to a residence. And for just $40, the price for this life-changing (OK, maybe not that dramatic) project cannot be beat.

These are the required supplies:

  • 2 plumbing flanges
  • 1 (possibly 2) plumbing angle brackets
  • Length of plumbing pipe
  • 3 “hinged loops”
  • 2 full sheets of masonite
  • 1 bundle of 2×2’s
  • 2 small wheels
  • Assorted nails/brads
  • 20 wood screws
  • Nail gun or hammer
  • Screw driver
  • Level

Using the 2X2’s, create a wood frame matching the dimensions of the masonite that will function as the door.  Then nail the masonite to the frame, making sure the surface is firm.


Following the door construction, add wheels to the bottom of it. The best type of wheels to utilize are ones that only work in one direction.


Next comes the top of the door function. Begin by screwing hinged loops to the top of the door with wood screws. Slide the pre-cut pipe into these hinged loops. Don’t forget to add any flanges or angled pieces necessary to the pipe.


After leveling where the door will hang and marking the places for drill holes, attach the plumbing hardware to the wall.


Test the door and if it slides cleanly, voila! This door will add value to the home and provide a modern touch to any home.

For more instructions, check out Apartment Therapy!