Top 3 Water Features To Liven Up A Backyard This Summer!

Summer is finally around the corner! And that means barbecues, summer breezes and many more people chilling out in the backyard. But don’t worry, Chicago Handyman’s got it covered.

Here’s the top 3 water features to enhance any backyard into an oasis:

1. Outdoor Fireplace


Heat up a cool summer night with a cozy fireplace. This won’t only make getting out of the pool more bearable, but provide a second living space!

2. Pond Niche


No need for an overstated feature. Instead, create a quaint reflective space in the yard by tucking a bamboo and stone pond in the corner.

3. Bubbling Containers


These beautiful fountains can be attained on any budget. Buy one at the hardware store or convert a garden container into this water feature.

Want more ideas? Check out HGTV’s article on budget-friendly water features.