Top 3 Ways To Summer-ify Curb Appeal

Summer is finally here! And with that, many more people will be outside, looking at exterior of homes. To ensure a house is ready for gawking, check out DIY Ready’s tips on how to improve curb appeal on a budget:

1. Make A Concrete Walkway Shine



Bring a driveway or concrete walkway back to life by acid washing the surface and watch the summer sun bounce off this improvement.

2. Camouflage Bulky Outdoor Appliances


Hide the clunky electric boxes and pipes by simply painting the appliances the same color as a home’s siding and feel free to let guests walk around the perimeter of the home.

3. Splash Some Color On A Front Door


What an easy fix! Slap a primary color on a front door for an easy solution for dull winter curb appeal.

Now have at it & make summer beautiful!