Want Protection For All Of Your Devices? Get 1Password Today!


With all the recent news of hacking attacks and password vulnerability, it’s important now more than ever to keep all your devices safe. But who can remember a unique password for their every digital need?

1Password can!

This app from Agilebits is made for convenience and focused on productivity. To use, just enter in the passwords for as little or as many devices that you use. After that initial tapping, 1password allows you to create a master password that can then be used to access all your sites.


Available for web browsers, tablets and smart phones, 1Passwords saves you time typing and gets you back to important business… or the best cat video of the day.

Completely free to download on Mac, Windows or Android platforms, this app is definitely worth checking out. If only so you never have to press that “Forgot Your Password?” ever again.