A New Twist On An Old Calendar


A perfect calendar accent for any wall by princessdoki


Grid outline by princessdoki

Some people need more reminders than others to stay on schedule. Sure there are phone notifications or daily planners to keep on track, but this dry erase calendar will definitely do the job. All that's required for this project is dry-erase paint, painter's tape, black acrylic paint and black marker to bring this large scale creation to life.

Using a calendar as a guideline, create a grid for the month, days and dates to be written in. Draw this outline on the wall in pencil and a ruler or go straight for the painter's tape and a ruler. For extra flair, add a notes section like Reddit user, princessdoki, to keep track all tasks for the month.


After removal of painter's tape by princessdoki

Once the grid is outlined, apply an even coat of dry erase paint over the squares. Unfortunately, the paint takes 7 days to dry. Use this time to paint the days of the week into the top 7 squares.

After waiting a week, feel free to add the month, dates and any notes. This week-long project will not only help manage schedules and “to-do's,” but add visual interest to any wall in a home.


Final product by princessdoki

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