Top 5 Smart Home Upgrades

When it comes to smart homes the choices can seem overwhelming. This is a great list of the 5 easiest smart home upgrades you can make.

  1. Smart Lock – open your locks with your smart phone, a wink, even a thought. just think about what you want to happen and the mind link function picks up your vibe.
  2. Thermostat. Nest, Ecobee, others im sure, Check them all out and see which one suits you. they will all translate into instant utility bill savings
  3. Smoke Detectors – burning toast does not an emergency make. your voice activated Smoke detector will keep the kids in bed while you burn your midnight snack.
  4. Outlets – turn any light or plugin device into a smart phone controlled technology of the future.
  5. Lights – bulbs you can control with your smart phone. Congratulations you are now a lighting technician. Ready to go on tour?

Check out this video for the full rundown from C|Net. Hit us up with any questions on how to implement smart technology in your home.