Dreaming Of Summer: A Home Deck Project


trexmoflex‘s gorgeous DIY deck

Chicago’s forecast for the past two weeks has been anywhere between -10 and 10 degrees. Not exactly a reason to smile. But here’s one way to distract from numbing fingers: planning an awesome backyard deck.

Reddit user trexmoflex‘s backyard deck may spark some great inspiration. With enough wood, tools and some helping hands, this deck can be a part of anyone’s backyard in just 3 days for less than $3000.

Assembling the required supplies for a deck may seem daunting, but it actually couldn’t be simpler. Consult a local hardware store or even Home Depot for the best type and amount wood for the type of deck desired. Then gather the wood stains and tools to secure the deck in the ground.


Gathering the supplies by trexmoflex


In process foundation by trexmoflex

Lay the initial two boards horizontally for the vertical slats to sit on. Secure these slats for the foundation with a power drill. Hopefully, multiple people will be working on the deck’s foundation so staining can begin. After staining, secure the deck’s surface also with a power drill. The process of surface application will take less time than the foundation.

Finally, for a more inviting look, try adding a built-in bench. Using a saw, cut the left-over wood from the deck to size and drill the legs of the bench into the deck’s surface. After adding the seat for the bench, finish off the built-in by adding a surround to the edges of the bench.


trexmoflex building a bench


This weekend project will not only add more living space but actual equity to a home. So don’t stress about a Chicago winter, dream of a Chicago summer!


A side-glance at the side deck by trexmoflex


And if you’re more of a planner than a builder, contact Chicago Handyman for a quote on deck services for your home. 

Light Up The Room, Build An LED Light Table!


Happy Monday, Chicago Handyman readers! Ready for a great summer project? Need to light up a room and hate the messy cords of floor lamps or harsh overhead lighting? Well, build an LED Light Table and resolve those problems in just a few hours and $50.

Start by getting together these materials:

  • Wood
  • 3 or 4 strip LED light kit
  • Frosted sheet of plexiglass
  • 3M tape
  • Wood glue
  • Wood clamp


Gather together the wood and make sure each side is notched. Then gut a groove into the top of the wood where the plexiglass will go. Slide the wood sides together and fit in the plexiglass to make sure everything is the correct size.


At the bottom of the box, drill a hole for the power cord to slip through and attach to the wall. Tape down the 4 LED strips using 3M tape. Test the lights to make sure the wiring is working properly.



Finally, glue together all the pieces of the wood box using wood glue and utilize wood clamps so it dries quickly and efficiently.

With this final step, the LED table is complete and ready to be gawked at by guests.

For a complete set of instructions, check out Remove and Replace’s article on building an LED light table.