Extend Outdoor Space With Simple Paver Stone Installation!

Some decks just do not suffice for large family gatherings or even quiet nightly dinners in the summer. The instinct to remove the existing deck or patio in favor of a new, larger space is not wrong, but it also much more expensive. People spend hundreds of dollars on the lumber materials and tools alone, not to mention the cost of labor. Instead of stressing about sticking to a renovation budget, follow Reddit user justgrant2009‘s simple step by step guide on how to extend a patio with some sweat equity and paver stones.

Besides hard work and paver stones, the following materials will be needed:

  • Shovel
  • String
  • Landscape fabric
  • 2 cubic yards of 3/8 pea gravel
  • 0.5 cubic yards of mason sand
  • Sealant sand/cement
  • Hose

After getting these together, mark out the space where the patio extension will go. This can be long or short depending on the space of the yard and size of the original deck or patio. Once marked, begin the excavation process of digging up the grass until the square area is 7 inches deep. This may take longer if plants have been maturing in the area for longer than one year.

Following excavation, cut the landscape fabric to size and lay it over the excavated area. Landscape fabric will prevent weeds or grass from growing up under the patio that the human eye may have missed. Pour the 2 cubic yards of 3/8 pea gravel over the landscape fabric. Smooth it out so there’s even consistency and it fills the whole area. Repeat this step, only this time with the 0.5 cubic yards of mason sand.

With the gravel and sand laid, it’s time to lay down the paver stones. To prevent the stones from moving over time, secure the edges by nailing plastic edge restraints to the corners.

Finally, pour sealant sand/cement over the whole extension, sweeping it clean until it only shows between the stones. To solidify the area, mist the finished product with a hose. This patio will be sure to impress, or at least make spending time with the in-laws a little easier.

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