The Best Way To Add Vintage Flair To A New Home: Chair Railings


New homes, no matter how pristine or innovative, often miss that vintage charm. Well, look no further than installing a chair rail to bring class back to the dining room. Follow this simple tutorial from A Pinch Of Joy about how to install a chair railing in any room and recreate the glamour of yesteryear with the convenience of the 21st century.

Start by measuring the lengths of the walls in the selected room. Determine the longest run in the room and purchase all moulding and trim in this length (8ft, 10ft or 12ft).

Once the moulding and trim are bought, measure 38.5 inches from the floor up the wall. Then draw a line across the whole length of the wall, using a carpenter’s or laser level to double check¬†that the line is straight.


To begin installing, start at an inside corner. Measure this to the door, window or following corner and begin making cuts to the molding and trim as necessary. Doors and windows require straight cuts, inside corners require 45-degree angles and outside corners require 30-degree angles. Then start to nail! Putting the trim above or below the line drawn, apply a nail to moulding or trim every 12 to 18 inches. Repeat until the whole room is surrounded in chair rail!


For the finishing touches, fill the nail holes with caulk or joint compound. After the material dries, sand the chair rail smooth. Finally, paint the chair rail in the desired color.

When done, host a dinner party and watch guests be impressed by an old world charm in a brand new home.